Why do I have to log in?

Spontaneous Smiley is a nice site, nice pictures and nice comments. So here’s the place where you read the blah, blah, blah, then click AGREE. The gist is: We’ll be nice and you’ll be nice. But if you’re naughty, you’ll lose your ability to participate.

A note about privacy:

The Spontaneous Smiley Project promises your contact info will never be shared with anyone, ever, unless required by law.
If Spontaneous Smiley ever accidentally breaks this promise, Ruth Kaiser (creator of Spontaneous Smiley), will:

  1. eat a grapefruit (gag).
  2. appear in public wearing hot pants (cringe).
  3. go to an Oakland A’s/Yankees game and root for the Yankees (vomit).

A note to Yankees fans: No need to get bent out of shape. I wouldn’t fault you for vomiting if you had to root for my beloved Oakland A’s!

A note about copyright:

Photos are subject to copyright law. If the photo is yours, post away! If the photo is not yours, don’t! By the act of uploading,
you assert that the images belong to you and that you have the legal right to post them. Additionally, by the act of uploading an image, its title and caption, you give The Spontaneous Smiley Project non-exclusive permission to store your content in perpetuity, use your uploaded content on the Spontaneous Smiley website and serve that website worldwide. You however, of course, retain full ownership of your image, title and caption.

A note about Spontaneous Smiley’s aesthetic:

The Spontaneous Smiley Project is an online art project for people of all ages and cultures. Please be sensitive to our desire that content posted herein should never be unkind or obscene. No Submission may contain any material that is: abusive, vulgar, harassing, libelous, proselytizing, defamatory, discriminatory, insulting, mean spirited, intended to advertise or mean to cats.

No Submission may: invade a person’s privacy, violate any law, violate intellectual property rights or any other rights, or be intentionally false. Sexually explicit and vulgar language and/or images are not welcome. We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason without recourse. If you wouldn’t share it with your grandma, your kid or your 1st grade teacher, don’t share it here.

Additionally uploads should fit the theme: SMILEY FACES! Please no pictures of your pets/kids/dinner/etc.–no matter how cute, unless of course there’s a Spontaneous Smiley in the image. Staged Smileys, while not expressly forbidden, are not encouraged. The Spontaneous Smiley Project may, in our sole discretion, take action against users who post material or engage in activity that violates these principles or is otherwise objectionable. If your judgment proves to be poor, your ability to comment and upload may be revoked at anytime.

A note about Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):

If you would like to submit a DMCA take down notice, our agent of record is

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