In 2009 the Spontaneous Smiley Project partnered with the medical charity Operation Smile. Each time a Smiley is uploaded to the Smiley Gallery, a $1 donation is made to help fund free surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates. To date Spontaneous Smiley has funded 25 surgeries, one Smiley photo at a time.

How does the Spontaneous Smiley Project keep the $1 a Smiley pledge alive? With the help of our Smiley community! Ruth, the Smiley Lady, posted that she’d cover the donations until the first surgery was earned but would need others to step up to keep it going. Much to her delight they did! From dental offices, to Smiley contributors, to an entire Elementary school hosting a Smile-a-Thon, the pledge lives on. Your donations, of any amount, help the Spontaneous Smiley Project continue to help kids like these!

Donate to Help Fund the $1 a Smiley Pledge!

Announcing a New Fund Raising Initiative for Groups of all Sizes and Ages!

Smile-a-Thons for Operation Smile

You’ve all heard of a Walk-a-Thon, right? But have you heard of a Smile-a-Thon?
Take the old idea, tweak it and you get a fun and easy way to host a fundraiser.

It’s really easy! No renting a venue or dealing with microphones that don’t work. No setting up folding chairs or baking cookies. That’s right, none of the 1000s of things you usually do for a fundraiser! This one is totally easy and you don’t incur a bunch of expenses.

Who can host a Smile-a-Thon? Groups of any size, of any age! Anyone who wants to help Operation Smile help these deserving kids!!

Click Here to get all of the paperwork right off the Operation Smile website

Then what?

1) Get your sponsors! Just like a walk-a-thon, ask people to sponsor you, but this time it’s by the SMILE instead of by the MILE.

2) Go on a Smiley Hunt! What’s that? It’s simple. You start looking for Smiley Faces in everyday objects. Snap a picture of the Smileys you find using your camera or your phone and upload your photos. Psst! It’s really easy. Check out: Car wheels and headlights. Cookies, bagels and bread. Fruits and veggies. Machinery with all those bolts, cables and wires! Once you start, you’ll see Smileys everywhere!

3) Go back to your sponsors and collect their donations. Example: A sponsor says they’ll pay $2 a Smiley and you upload 26 Smileys, then they write a check to Operation Smile for $52 ($2 x 26 Smileys=$52).

4) Everybody turns in their pledge sheets and checks. You send it all in along with the Fundraising Revenue Form.

P.S.: 100% of all funds raised go to Operation Smile. Spontaneous Smiley does not receive any compensation. You can send your questions and feedback to Ruth Kaiser, creator of the Spontaneous Smiley Project: ruth@SpontaneousSmiley.com


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