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JOY ! …..      …....OPTIMISM ! ……      …… HOPE !

A Child’s Book of Optimism …….suitable for ages 1 – 100

A Smiley Book of Colors

Take a peek inside!

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A Random House, Golden Book, copyright 2012

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People are Talking about A Smiley Book of Colors

There are so many children’s picture books out there to choose from. Some have a special meaning, others are meant to teach and all are colorful and fun. But rarely are there children’s books that have everything in one package…..we thank Ruth from the bottom of our hearts for … introducing us to the wonderful, colorful world of smiles.

Super, super, SUPER cute picture book. I absolutely love this book.

The text of choosing our thoughts fits in perfectly with the idea of finding smiley faces all around us – we look for and find what we want in our lives….with an engaging rhyming text with an uplifting message.

The Smiley Book of Colors will both delight children,
and teach them to look for the creative and unexpected in the world all around them.

I loved that there was a little theme to the book and one that was quickly picked up by my son: Smile and look around you because one smile leads to another and that they are all around us if we just look.

I thought, surely 2 and 1/2 is too young to comprehend something as abstract as faces in inanimate objects.
Luckily I took a chance with it, because he absolutely adores The Smiley Book of Colors.
Once we showed him one smiley, he could see them in every picture and found each of them absolutely delightful.

I can attest that it appeals to older kids because my 6th grader snagged it when it arrived and asked to keep it.

The pictures will have kids scouring the pages, and their world, for Smiley faces.

Ruth’s delightful book will have you grinning from ear to ear after one peek inside.